Monday 9 July 2018

Pound - 'S/T' Album Review

"Instrumental grind duo Pound play a super groovy, mathy form of the genre... The mathy chaos shares as many similarities with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah as it does with other grindcore bands." – Decibel Magazine

Seattle duo Pound will release its debut, self-titled album, July 13th 2018 on Silent Pendulum Records. The duo of Ryan Schutte and David Stickney – takes influence from across the spectrum of grind and doom, from Nasum to Sleep, then chops up these influences and delivers its own brand of hyper-shred-math that twists and turns relentlessly, dropping occasionally into monstrous grooves. This is instrumental irreverence capable of dazzling tech-heads and Neanderthals equally.

Pound's unique setup consists of a baritone 9-string guitar and two drum kits positioned at a 90-degree angle. The sounds extracted from these unorthodox instruments adds up to an entirely new vibe that belongs only to Pound.

The music's machine-like nature is reflected in the song titles – each title is a symbolic representation of a rhythm contained in the song.

Oh My God I am in LOVE!!!! This album is just unbelievable!! For what I’m sure will be noise to a lot of people, to me, this is just pure aggressive, pin point thrash played in such a way I have never heard before.

If you’re not going to appreciate the music, you HAVE to appreciate the playing style here. It’s tight, accurate, nasty, deep, mean. There are no vocals so how do these guys remember everything at such speed?!?!? Phenomenal stuff!!!

I’ve never heard playing like this in my life. I can honestly say that these guys are unbelievable at what they do, and deserve all the success that I hope they get. Do NOT not listen to this.

Score 10/10

Reviewed by Sty

Track Listing

1) x..x..x..x..x..x..x
2) x.---.x.---.x.---.x.---
3) x.x-.x-x.-x.x
4) --.x-x.--
5) -..-..-.x-..-..-..-..-..x..-..-..-..-....
6) -xx.-.xxxx-xx.-.xxxx-xx.-.xx
7) -.x-.x-x-.x-.x-.x-.x-x
8) -x--x--x--x--x.x-x.x-x.x-x.x


Ryan Schutte - baritone 9-string guitar
David Stickney - drums

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