Tuesday 22 January 2019

GAST - "Morkret Kallar" Album Review

Swedish Doom Metallers Gast, release their debut album Morkret Kallar. This will undoubtably have you all immersed in pure darkness. Gast are as pure evil as they are Swedish. It’s ferocious from the off with ‘Distans’. Intense, evil, dark, brooding. Typical Doom metal at it’s finest.

‘Avgrund’ is more of the same. Starting nice and quietly. But it isn’t long before the Doom hits us again in full force. ‘Under Satans Vingar’ is brutal from chord one. It’s intensity makes this song what it is. Relentless speed thrash in every sense. Only breaking temporarily for a mid-track breather. There’s some great speed changes here and a lot more structure to this track. Brilliant stuff!!

‘Transcendens’ treats us to peaceful, acoustic guitar. And it comes at the right time, exactly at the midway point of the album. It’s a beautiful piece, showing how diverse Gast can be. Bravo for taking such a risk and it’s totally paid off. ‘Dar Livet Kvavs’ takes us back onto our Doom journey with another fierce onslaught. Pounding, relentless drums which pierce right through the soul.

‘Morgonstjarna’ is more of a slower, intense number. Closer ‘Sorgens Skugga’ finishes this rather short debut album off just nicely. It’s another onslaught of dark, black, angry Doom metal. Punishing from the beginning, but slowing down nicely towards the end, like a plane landing.

Gast have landed. Buy it.

Score 9/10

Reviewed by Sty

Track listing:

1. Distans
2. Avgrund
3. Under Satans Vingar
4. Transcendens
5. Dar Livet Kvavs
6. Morgonstjarna
7. Sorgens Skugga

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