Thursday 31 May 2018

No Hot Ashes release new video, 'Glow'

No Hot Ashes are probably in the Guinness Book Of Records for releasing a debut album, some 33 years after they first formed. When it did finally see the light of day, NHA is one of the best melodic rock albums you'll hear all year.

Proving that its no fluke, No Hot Ashes will be playing on the 'Baroness' stage at Download next weekend (Sunday).

If youve been wondering if you should dip your toe in and buy their album, then shame on you. Heres a taster of why you should be owning their album...

Need more proof? Heres my review from March - https://www.chesyrockreviews.com/2018/03/no-hot-ashes-no-hot-ashes-album-review.html

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